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CoR changes the world.
Sickness is optional now. 


CoR Technology Renews
Energy-Currency to Living Cells 

Regenerative Medicine

CoR (Cofactor R), a newly discovered redox, has demonstrated an extraordinarily amazing ability by assisting mitochondrial function to enhance ATP (Adenosine 5’-triphosphate) production in a cell at the intracellular level.

The cell, the basic unit of all life forms, is entirely reliant on ATP, an energy molecule, and the energy currency of a biological system. ATP serves the structural and functional roles in the bioenergetic field. Through CoR Technology, cells can acquire a higher energy level to carry out their various tasks within the cell.

CoR Technology, helps mitochondrial function by renewing and restoring ATP to living cells, potentially repairing the body’s structure and function that had been lost due to the effects of aging, disease, and genetic errors. 



 The Fountain of Youth

Mankind has been searching for
the benefit for centuries

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Because of mitochondrial dysfunction, we age because our body’s cells don’t get enough ATP energy to support their normal functions. 


CoR assists mitochondrial function by converting the food we eat into ATP energy currency for living cells. This supports our body’s cells to perform better both physically and mentally.


After centuries, our CoR discovery finally provides the healthspan and lifespan, mankind has been searching for. The “Fountain of Youth” is not a fairy tale anymore.


CoR technology provides a second chance for 

human beings revival youth again.


Introducing the Energy 

Maintenance Theory of Aging

The human body has the innate ability to heal itself in many ways. Our natural healing ability enables us to repair cuts to the skin, mend broken bones, fight off infections, and much more. 


CoR technology supports this innate self-healing ability, powered by ATP-energy, by providing our cells the structure and function for a healthy life. 


As we age, we don’t feel that same as we did in our youth because our body’s metabolism declines and fails to provide the bioenergy to support our cell’s optimum function. We begin to feel fragile physically and mentally. We may also begin to develop chronic diseases such as heart disease, cancer, stroke, diabetes, dementia, and other conditions. 


ATP - energy currency

  Universal Solution


Our discovery of the new Redox Agent has recently attracted attention due to its low toxicity. It has been reported to possess a variety of pharmacological activities  such as antioxidants, anti-inflammatory, and anti-carcinogenic actions. In turn providing neuroprotective effects, and to owe anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties, and especially to have the ability to regulate skewed gut microbiota. Additionally, some studies have reported it to possess protective effects on the central nervous system. 

However, the underlying mechanism of action that is responsible for  the variety of pharmacological activities has not been explained. Until our discovery because of this is a new Redox agent, the scientific data to demonstrate its extraordinary ability of increasing ATP energy in cells at the intracellular level. It is a promising and safety development that paves the way for new pharmacological applications based on US patented has issued on March 15, 2022. We have the exclusive rights to use this new Redox Agent for commercial pharmacological applications. 

CoR  invention recharges cells, enabling them to acquire higher energy levels to be able to carry out their various processes within the cell more effectively. Processes such as replication, DNA repair, growth and metabolism, protein synthesis, motility and navigation, control and communication. These cellular processes can potentially repair and restore the body's structure and functions that had been lost due to the effects of aging, disease, and genetic errors. 

Our Mission & Vision

Our efforts are dedicated to refining our understanding of ATP in order to advance the treatment, cure, and prevention of chronic aging and degenerative diseases. We welcome individual and corporate strategic partnerships with those who are also interested in this field of study. This will enable us to bring our discoveries to a wider audience for everyone to have the opportunity of this health benefit of renewed and revitalized health. 

Our focus is on four key initiatives:

  1. Dietary supplement marketing

  2. Drug discovery

  3. Cosmetic marketing

  4. Pet supplement marketing

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CoR Technology 
Envisioning a world where sickness is optional now,