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CoR changes the world.
Sickness is optional now. 


CoR Technology Regenerates
ATP-Bioenergy to Living Cells 

US Patent No: 11273135

CoR (Cofactor R), a newly discovered Redox agent. It has demonstrated an extraordinarily amazing ability of enhancing ATP (Adenosine 5’-triphosphate) to living cell by assisting mitochondrial function at intracellular lever.   

The cell, the basic unit of all life forms, is entirely reliant on ATP-energy currency to serve the structural and functional roles in the bioenergetic field.


Through CoR Technology, cells can acquire a higher energy level to carry out their various tasks within the cell. Technically, It supposed to repair and restore body’s structure and function that had been lost or damaged due to the effects of aging, disease, and genetic errors. 



 "The Fountain of Youth"
Health-span, Life-span & young-span

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CoR, assists mitochondrial function by accelerating the nutrition we eat into more ATP for regenerating living cells.


  • Used more carbohydrate, fatty acids and amino acids, which mitochondrial needs them for converting ATP, the vital energy currency, to support cell structures and functions.

  • consequently, here is not much excess of carbohydrate, fat acid and amino acid left in the body, those can be accumulated to damage our organ's structures & functions. 


Finally after centuries of searching for:

"The Mountain of Youth"

Now, is not a fairytale anymore

Our Mission & Vision

Our efforts are dedicated to lead the goal of bioenergetics field, in order to advance the treatment, cure, and prevention of aging and degenerative diseases. We welcome individual and corporate strategic partnerships with those who are also interested in this field of study. This will enable us to bring our Cor Technology discovery to a wider audience for everyone to have the opportunity of the healthspan and lifespan. 

Our focus is on four key initiatives:

  1. Dietary supplement marketing

  2. Drug discovery

  3. Cosmetic marketing

  4. Pet supplement marketing

Image by Alesia Kazantceva

CoR Technology 
provides the world where sickness is optional now  

CoR4Mito Inc.

  LIHTI Stony Brook University



25 Health Science Drive

# 410

Stony Brook NY 11790


Contact Infor: 

Phone: (631) 888-3895

Cor4mito, Inc. All rights reserved.

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