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CoR provides the world,
sickness is optional

closer then ever. 


CoR Innovation
Regenerates ATP For Living Cells 

US Patent No: 11273135



CoR (Cofactor R) is a newly discovered redox agent with an extraordinary ability to regenerate ATP (Adenosine 5’-triphosphate) bio-energy in living cells. It achieves this by accelerating mitochondrial function at the intracellular level, while also preventing or limiting the leakage of free radicals into the plasma. Mitochondrial function beyond the ATP production for cellular life, now are considered as the most important cellular source of free radicals, as the main target for free radical regulatory and toxic actions, and as the source of signaling molecules that command cell cycle, proliferation and apoptosis.

Abstract Linear Background

CoR innovation focuses on optimizing the function of mitochondria, which are cellular structures responsible for energy production (ATP), aiming to generate optimal bioenergy that stimulates the regeneration of all living cells in the body. It all about to restore the normal function of the body's own repair mechanisms.

CoR Innovation - offers an invaluable tool for Regenerative Medicine, Gene therapy, Cell Therapy and Gene Editing on novel solutions for intractable diseases. CoR Innovation is indeed an integrated platform that can greatly assist researchers and clinicians in designing and optimizing cell and gene delivery systems for therapies. It provides a comprehensive suite of tools and resources to support the design, evaluation, and optimization of these therapies.

CoR Innovation - an simplified version of Stem Cell. Holds the devoloping of novel Cell-Based Therapies potential development and future possibilities. It is the rapidly advancing field that focuses on developing methods to repair, replace, restore, or regenerate damaged or diseased tissues and organs, and the obstinate diseases.  

In Stem Cell Therapy, focuses on extracting, and engineering a person's own stem cells for implantation, aiming to promote regeneration in specific tissues or organs. It’s important to note that: 1. Stem Cell represents just a single type of living cell. 2. And it has emerged aspect of the regulation of communication between cells at the level of the extracellular environment. This communication regulators in multiple extracellular signaling pathways. 3. In stem cell research, researchers look technologies, and methodologies for the quantity and quality of stem cell sources, such as pluripotent stem cells. This technique enables scientists to increase the quantity of stem cells available for research and potential therapeutic applications.

Whereas, CoR Innovation functions of mitochondria, responsible for producing energy in the form of ATP and involved in other tasks, such as intracellular signaling, cellular differentiation and cell death, as well as maintaining control of the cell cycle and cell growth. It is important to note that: 1. CoR innovation potentially targets a broader approach of diverse cell types, each with distinct expression and functions. 2. And, because mitochondria is organelle that only exists inside a cell and presents in all cells, it is crucial of intracellular communication. This communication is participating in various intracellular signaling pathways. 3. Mitochondrial biogenesis is coordinated with a stem cell changes in differentiated types. During cellular differentiation, stem cells undergo changes in gene expression and functional specialization to become more specialized and acquire specific functions. This process involves in mitochondrial characteristics. Thus, CoR Innovation potentially contribute to stem cell's quantity and quality of the source.

Our Mission & Vision

CoR innovation and its application in strategic distribution and development can play a crucial role in advancing various fields. It holds the frontiers of Regenerative Medicine potential development and future possibilities. Our focus on four key initiatives: Dietary supplements: promotes a better quality of healthy life. Drug discovery: creates preventions, treatments, and cures for age-related diseases. Cosmetics: improves a better healthy appearance of skin and hair. Pet supplements: offers a range of wellbeing supplements for our pets.

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CoR innovation provides the world where
sickness is optional now 

CoR4Mito Inc.

  LIHTI Stony Brook University

25 Health Science Drive

Stony Brook NY 11790

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