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Metabolism Boost 

Method is a CoR dietary supplement  designed to help convert sugar into ATP-energy. Food must be processed into energy to support the cells structure and function. However, in older adults metabolism is less efficient in converting sugar into energy. This causes high levels of sugar in the blood stream over a prolonged period of time. Excessive sugar in our blood stream damages our organs. CoR raises metabolism rate for producing energy, enabling food to convert sugar faster and more efficiently. High-level sugar in the blood stream is processed in a shorter period of time. CoR does not cut sugar and flush it from our kidney's as Metformin does. CoR helps convert sugar to ATP-energy because sugar is needed for cell activities such as growth, reproduction, repair, and movement.  

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Diabetes in Older Adults

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Men & Women

Reproductive Health

Men & Women is a CoR dietary supplement for both male and female. Both short- and long-term Enhancing ATP-energy to cells in reproductive organs that optimizes and regulates hormone secretion, penile erection, sperm motility and capacitation, mucous production.  


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Purinergic Signaling in the Reproductive System

Mitochondrial Dysfunction in Reproductive  and Developmental Toxicity



Nerve Cell Restoration

Neuro is a CoR dietary supplement designed to optimize & restore nerve cell functions due to the effects of natural aging. Recently evidence has emerged of impaired mitochondrial dysfunction related to  ATP-energy deficiency to cell function is proposed to be a central mechanism leading to neuronal death of neurodegenerative  health. 

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Energy Failure: Does it Contribute to Neurodegeneration?

Energy Metabolism in Fracture Healing



Immunity Enhancement

Innate is a CoR dietary supplement designed to strengthen the Innate immune system. Our immune system is made up of special cells, tissues, and organs that work together to protect us. It becomes more recognized that ATP are involved in activation innate immune response to against invaders. 

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Mitochondrial Function in Immune Cells



Mental Health Supplement 

Mode is a CoR dietary supplement designed to regulates & stabilize   mood swings. Recent studies  have opened doors to an expanded understanding of the neurobiology of Anxiety and depression. Mitochondrial dysfunction due to reduction in ATP levels plays a key role in depression and anxiety.  


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Mitochondria & Mood

Mitochondria & Mental Health



Brain Function Supplement

Vivid is a CoR dietary supplement designed to optimize & restore brain cell functions lost due to the effects of  natural aging. Recent evidences indicate that the aging of the brain results from the decline of energy from metabolism.

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Brain Activity and Cerebral ATP

Energy Metabolism Decline in the Aging Brain

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Joint & Bone

Joint & Bone Health


Joint & Bone is a CoR dietary supplement that restores & promotes joint & bone cell functions that  were lost due to the effects of natural aging. As we age, bone and joint health should take on more importance. ATP-energy plays a central role in a wide variety of joint and bone health factors. Research findings lend support to the need for nutritional supplements for joint and bone strength and flexibility. 

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Bone Cell Bioenergetics

Energy Metabolism in Fracture Healing



Muscle Restoration

Manners Is a CoR dietary supplement designed to  optimize & restore muscle cell functions that were lost due to the effects of natural aging. Muscle cells need the most amount of ATP-energy in order to support its proper structure and function. Mitochondrial dysfunction of decline of ATP energy production may affect the cardio muscle, the smooth muscle and the skeletal muscle strength or atrophy. It effects how we look when as we get older.  


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Bone Cell Bioenergetics



Autoimmune Regulation

Fervid is a CoR dietary supplement helps to stabilize and regulate the overactive immune systems by enhancing ATP-energy to active body's innate immune self-healing response. 









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Mitochondrial Function in Immune Cells

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